These park cabins are built to last, providing families and friends with years of enjoyment.

Who We Are

More than ever before, families have an abundance of choices for vacation lodging – luxury resorts, simple campsites, park inns or hotels. Increasingly American families are searching for authentic, familiar experiences. Rather than share a thin wall with noisy hotel guests, travelers want to cook s’mores around their own fire pit or lose themselves in a good book on their porch swing.

Rustic River park homes provide authentic cabins for families that are looking for memorable adventures at affordable rates. Our custom designed park homes give families the ability to spend their vacations in their own cabin rather than checking into a hotel. A family of six can comfortably stay in Rustic River homes, with much more flexibility and freedom than in a hotel room.

These homes are built to last. Our homes can withstand just about anything that generations of children can throw at it. Whether you’re an individual home owner, a park manager, or a maintenance manager; we build these homes with active family use in mind. Most states rate park homes as an RV but our park homes feature a full bath and are built like a real home…one that lasts fifty years. From commercial grade appliances to easily accessible plumbing cleanouts to premium countertops, these handcrafted homes are built for life, literally.